Request for Proposal

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Following is a list of questions received in regard to the Facility Master Plan RFP. When appropriate, we merged questions similar in nature, to reduce duplication.

What is the size of the Community Library?

The original building, which is about 14,000 square feet, was completed in 1994. An addition was completed in 2017, bringing the building to about 16,000 square feet.

Would it be possible to visit the building prior to submitting our proposal?

Anyone is free to visit the library during regular operating hours (Monday-Thurday 9:00AM-5:00PM, or Friday-Saturday 9:00AM-5:000PM). If you want a brief tour of the building, including staff areas, please arrange a time to do so. Contact the director at to set up an appointment.

What, if any, other community engagement was done either for the strategic plan or the recently completed renovations?

For our most recent strategic plan, we did a community-wide survey to collect general information from as many residents as possible. Following the survey, a couple focus groups comprised of library patrons were conducted to get more detailed information.

Our most recent addition resulted from a combination of a comprehensive master facility plan completed in 2009 and more recent feedback collected from our patrons. The 2009 facility plan called for a much larger addition. In order to keep the project within our budget, we asked the community what features of that plan were most important to them. We then used that feedback to develop a scaled-back addition that we could afford, but that would also meet the most pressing needs of our community.

Would feedback that was gathered for the most recent strategic plan be available to share?

Any information gathered for our most recent strategic plan will be available to the selected team. If the information is desired in preparation for this proposal, we can provide it as well. Please send requests to

What level of community involvement do you want included in the planning process for this plan?

As a public institution, we feel community involvement is critical at all steps in the planning process. We want to know what needs they have, and how the library can best serve those needs within the defined limits of our mission statement. We also feel it is important to get their feedback as we get more tangible ideas in place, to ensure we are moving in the right direction.

Was there a facility assessment prepared in advance of the most recent library renovations?

As mentioned earlier, we completed a comprehensive master plan in 2009 that formed the basis of our most recent addition in 2016-2017. Because we were pursuing a scaled-back addition to meet the immediate needs of our community, we had to complete a brief assessment of our facility to determine placement of service areas within the context of the revised plan.

What drawings/studies of the existing library (recent/prior renovations and/or original documents) would be available to the selected team?

All information pertaining to the existing library would be available to the selected team.

In the Proposal Requirements section, the solicitation requests “samples of two or more facilities master plans and related contact information.” Master plan documents are quite large. Will a summary or digital copy of a complete plan be permissible?

We definitely would prefer to see completed plans and not summaries. By all means, a digital submission of previous master plans is sufficient for our review. The samples can be submitted as additional materials to the RFP submittal.

In that same section, we are planning on including 1-page overviews of relevant master planning projects in addition to providing completed master plans (either on a flash drive, or printed). Is this acceptable?

Including an additional one page overview of other projects in addition to samples of completed master plans is acceptable, but not necessary.

Would you like to receive both digital and print items as the deliverables for the project? If so, how many physical copies of the Facilities Master Plan would you like to receive?

We would prefer to receive one digital and one print copy of the completed facility master plan.

Should our detailed cost proposal assume in-person or online meetings? Should we include a cost for both options?

Ideally, we would meet in-person for all meetings, including interviews with prospective design firms and consultants. However, depending on conditions resulting from coronavirus, including number of participants and their overall comfort levels, we may need to meet online. With that in mind, it is best to include a cost for both options.

Who will be involved in making the selection?

Most likely the selection will be made by the director, assistant director, and a subcommittee of the board of trustees.