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World ends at camp Z by Média DW Inc. presents ; produced by Ding Wang, Dayu Li, Duojie Suonan ; written by Diana Janna ; directed by Ding Wang.
The tiger rising by Highland Film Group, The Avenue, and Bay Point Media present ; a GG Filmz, Thomasville Pictures production ; produced by Deborah Giarratana, Ryan Donnell Smith, Ray Giarratana ; written for the screen and directed by Ray Giarratana.
Things to do by The Dot Film Company presents ; produced by Gerry Lattmann ; written by Theodore Bezaire and Mike Stasko ; directed by Theodore Bezaire.
The sinner by Midnight Choir Inc. ; Zaftig Films ; Iron Ocean ; UCP, Universal Content Productions ; produced by Meredith Mills ; developed by Derek Simonds ; written by Derek Simonds [and others] ; directed by Adam Bernstein [and others].
Clean by IFC Films presents a Fable House Film ; produced by Daniel Sollinger, Adrien Brody, Paul Solet, Elliot Brody ; written by Paul Solet & Adrian Brody ; directed by Paul Solet.
The cursed by LD Entertainment presents ; a Liddell Entertainment Production ; produced by Pete Shilamon, Michey Liddell, Sean Ellis ; written and directed by Sean Ellis.
The outfit by Focus Features presents in association with FilmNation Entertainment ; a Scoop Productions/Unified Theory production ; produced by Scoop Wasserstein, Amy Jackson, Ben Browning ; written by Graham Moore, Johnathan McClain ; directed by Graham Moore.
Butterfly blueprints by a Nova production by Crescendo Média Films for GBH in association with ZDF/ARTE, Ushuaïa TV, TV7, and SVT ; produced by Serge Guez ; written by Marie Blanc-Hermeline, Pierre Bressiant, Jérôme-Cécil Auffret, Arnaud Devroute, Maxence Lamoureux ; directed by Pierre Bressiant.
My sweet monster by Grindstone Entertainment Group and CTB Company presents in co production with Skazka Animation Studio LLC. ; produced by Sergey Selyanov ; written by Maxim Volkov, 
The Mallorca files by created by Dan Sefton ; written by Dan Sefton, Dan Muirden, Alex McBride, Rachael New, Sarah-Louise Hawkins ; directed by Bryn Higgins, Charles Palmer, Gordon Anderson, Rob Evans.
Lockdown by Insane Filmz presents ; in association with Hollywood Media Bridge, Safier Entertainment, High Point Pictures ; produced by Massimiliano Cerchi, Jared Safier, Phillip B. Goldfine ; written by Rodney A. Smith ; directed by Massimiliano Cerchi.
Kin by Bron Studios, Headline Pictures, Nordic Entertainment Group ; created by Peter McKenn, Ciaran Donnelly ; directed by Diarmuid Goggins, Tessa Hoffe.
Abraham Lincoln by History presents ; a Radicalmedia production ; produced by Patrick Altema ; directed by Malcolm Venville.
Dazed and confused by Gramercy Pictures presents an Alphaville production in association with Detour Filmproduction ; produced by James Jacks, Sean Daniel, Richard Linklater ; written and directed by Richard Linklater.
The chronicles of Narnia by a BBC Television production in association with WonderWorks ; produced by Paul Stone ; screenplay by Alan Seymour ; directed by Marilyn Fox, Alex Kirby.
The beta test by IFC Films presents a Vanishing Angle production ; produced by Natalie Metzger, Matt Miller and Benjamin Wiessner ; written and directed by Jim Cummings and PJ McCabe.
American rust by Showtime Networks Inc. ; produced by Dan Futterman [and 5 others] ; created by Dan Futterman ; written for television by Dan Futterman ; directed by John Dahl, Craig Zisk, Darnell Martin.
Akira by Pioneer ; presented by Pioneer Entertainment (USA) Inc. ; Akira Committee production ; produced by Sawako Noma [and others] ; screenplay by Izo Hashimoto, Katsuhiro Otomo ; directed by Katsuhiro Otomo.
Sanditon by a co-production of Red Planet Pictures and Masterpiece in association with PBS Distribution ; created by Andrew Davies ; produced by Rebecca Hedderly, Ian Hogan, Amy Rodriguez ; written by Justin Young, Andrew Davies, Colin Bytheway, Robin French, Janice Okoh, Ellen Tayler ; directed by Charles Sturridge, Ethosheia Hylton.
The silence of the lambs by an Orion Pictures release ; a Strong Heart/Demme production ; screenplay by Ted Tally ; produced by Edward Saxon, Kenneth Utt, Ron Bozman ; directed by Jonathan Demme.
Dog by Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures presents, a Free Association/Gregory Jacobs production in ; association with FilmNation Entertainment ; produced by Gregory Jacobs, Peter Kiernan, Brett Rodriguez ; screenplay by Reid Carolin ; directed by Reid Carolin & Channing Tatum.
Uncharted by Columbia Pictures presents ; an Arad Productions, Atlas Entertainment, Playstation Productions production ; produced by Charles Roven, Avi Arad, Alex Gartner, Ari Arad ; screenplay by Rafe Lee Judkins, Art Marcum, Matt Holloway ; directed by Ruben Fleischer.
Ponyo by Studio Ghibli, Nippon Television Network, Dentsu Hakuhodo Dymp, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, Mitsubishi, Toho Pixar Animation Studios, and Kennedy / Marshall present ; a Studio Ghibli Production ; produced by Toshio Suzuki ; English language screenplay by Melissa Matheson ; original story and screenplay written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki.
Blacklight by Briarcliff Entertainment, The Solution Entertainment Group, Sina Studios present ; produced by Mark Williams, Paul Currie, Myles Nestel, Alevé Loh, Coco Xiaoluma ; written by Nick May and Mark Williams ; directed by Mark Williams.
The world of Suzie Wong by a World Enterprises, Inc., Word Film Limited co-production ; produced by Ray Stark ; screenplay by John Patrick ; directed by Richard Quine
Without remorse by Amazon Studios presents ; in association with Paramount Pictures, Skydance, New Republic Pictures ; a Weed Road Pictures, The Saw Mill, Outlier Society production ; produced by Akiva Goldsman, Josh Appelbaum, André Nemec, Michael B. Jordan ; written by Taylor Sheridan and Will Staples ; directed by Stefano Sollima.
American horses by a production of Grizzly Creek Films and the WNET Group in co-production with Terra Mater Factual Studios ; produced by Bill Murphy, Thomas Winston ; written and produced by Eric Bendick.
Last survivors by Vertical Entertainment, Yaday Productions and Perkash Productions presents ; in association with El Ride Productions, Young at Heat Entertainment, SSS Entertainment ; produced by Sunil Perkash, Akaash Yaday, Michael Jefferson ; screenplay by Josh Janowicz, directed by Drew Mylrea.
Gasoline alley by Saban Films and Highland Film Group present a 308 Ent production ; in association with Bondit Media Capital, Head Gear Films and Metrol Technology Yale Productions ; produced by Corey Large, Tom Sierchio ; written by Tom Sierchio, Edward John Drake ; directed by Edward John Drake.

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