Teacher Resources

Come visit the Community Library! With the help of a librarian, select specific and useful resources for your teaching needs and learning environment. You may also contact a librarian by phone or email to request a resource collection or get help researching a subject.


To request a collection, simply email us at youthservices@yourcl.org. Provide what your're looking for, the quantity, and the date the items are needed.

Collection Guidelines

  1. A resource collection may be requested by teachers, student teachers, child care providers, home educators, and religious educators.*
  2. A collection should be requested at least 7-10 days prior to pick-up to allow material to arrive at the pick-up location of your choice.
  3. Requests for multiple copies of a title can be filled based on demand and availability.
    Note: request at least 1 month in advance for class set.
  4. Hot topics and seasonal materials are always in demand and may be limited. Please plan accordingly.
* Teachers may be responsible for lost or damaged items.