Code of Conduct

The following rules for library conduct are policies of the Board of Trustees and also reflect fire or health regulations.

1. Smoking and recreational drugs in the library, including restrooms, meeting room, the outdoor reading courtyard, and the parking lots are prohibited.

2. Food and beverages in covered containers are permitted in the library, except at public computer workstations.

4. Loud or abusive language is prohibited in the library or on the library property.

5. Sleeping in the library is prohibited.

6. The use of rollerskates, rollerblades, skateboards, etc., in the library or on the library grounds is prohibited.

7. Actions, including public displays of affection, which are disruptive or distracting to others are prohibited.

8. All patrons are required to treat the facility, equipment and grounds with respect. Any acts of vandalism will be reported immediately to the village police department.

9. There will be no solicitation of library personnel or patrons on the library grounds.

10. All cellular phones and audible pagers will be used only in the lobby of the library.

11. Upon request, patrons will show staff members contents of bookbags, backpacks and other totes.

12. No knives, guns, other weapons or dangerous ordnances are permitted on the Community Library property. Anyone found in possession of same will be asked to leave immediately.

Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children while they are in the library. If it is determined the child is lost or left unattended, the library staff will attempt to notify the parent(s). If the parent cannot be reached the village police will be called for resolution.

Patrons who fail to comply with Community Library's Code of Conduct will receive a warning. If the action continues the patron will have their library privileges suspended and/or be evicted from the library.

6/1994, r. 4/2000, r. 3/2006 r. 11/2017