Strategic Plan

The Community Library’s mission is to provide welcoming environments for all to pursue knowledge and cultivate interests. To help the library fulfill this mission and better serve the Big Walnut area, the Community Library, in partnership with the State Library of Ohio, gathered feedback from area residents. That feedback was used to identify three service priorities that will position the library to respond to the current and evolving needs of our patrons.



Those areas of service are:


Satisfy Curiosity
Intergenerational Services and Programming
Visit a Comfortable


Organizational Values

Respect all, serve all, and advance all.


Provide welcoming environments for all to pursue knowledge and cultivate interests.


With the three service priorities in mind, the Board of Trustees and staff of the Community Library developed goals to guide planning and decision making in the coming years. Essentially, the goals serve as a roadmap to ensure the library remains an integral resource and life-long learning center in the Big Walnut area.



Goal 1: The community will have the resources to explore topics of interest and continue learning throughout their lives.

Goal 2: The community will be offered programs that foster community, understanding, and fun.

Goal 3: The community will have welcoming spaces to meet and interact with others or to sit quietly and read.



Evaluation of progress is critical in helping the Community Library to determine if the course of action needs adjusted, augmented, or abandoned. To that end, the library will assess progress towards reaching these goals and objectives on an annual basis.



Some objectives can be measured with statistics the library already collects, such as program attendance and circulation counts. Other areas will require surveys to gather user feedback and perception. To prevent survey fatigue, the library will administer concise surveys specifically related to these goals and objectives.



In addition to annual data collection, from time to time, the library may also issue flash surveys on specific topics, related directly to activities related to an objective. These surveys will be very short and targeted to gauge feedback on a specific service or program. For example, we may issue a survey following a program asking participants what they thought of the content and presenter.



In total, the information we collect will be used by library leadership to help plan for future programs and services. It will help us determine if we are on the right course to accomplishing our goals and fulfilling our strategic plan.



Adopted 6/09/2020