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New Books for Adults

Hostile intent
The good house : a novel
End of story : a novel
The boardwalk bookshop
Everything I never told you : a novel
Good material
Forgotten war
The turtle house : a novel
The heart
The first husband
Fourteen days : a literary project of the Authors Guild of America
We must not think of ourselves : a novel
A step past darkness
The road from Belhaven
The teacher
Held : a novel
Your shadow half remains
A wild and heavenly place : a novel
One wrong word
The last days of the Midnight Ramblers
The women
Everyone who can forgive me is dead : a novel
Lone wolf
All my secrets
Maybe someday
The berry pickers
A scent of a woman
Canadian boyfriend
Hush, hush
The house of last resort : a novel
The bullet swallower : a novel
A present past : Titan and other chronicles
Hard by a great forest
Christmas proposal
Dream town
Accidentally his
The breakup tour
Witness : stories
True north : a novel
The postcard
Fragile designs : a novel
First lie wins
The other mothers : a novel
The secret hours
Like the appearance of horses
Cold victory : a novel
Sidle Creek : stories
Only the beautiful
Disruptions : stories
House gone quiet : stories
I went to see my father : a novel
The book of fire : a novel
Anna O
After the funeral and other stories
The heiress : a novel
The fury
Incident at Hawk
Wellness : a novel
The weekend retreat : a novel
An inconvenient earl
Never lie
This spells love : a novel
Anne Boleyn, a king
Katherine of Aragon, the true queen
The sword of God
Starling house
Calling on the matchmaker
Rules for visiting
The engagement party : a novel
An honest man
The leftover woman : a novel
Amazing Grace Adams
Prophet song
Just another missing person
The housemaid
Sisters under the rising sun
Let us descend : a novel
The little teashop on Main
The power of self-discipline : 5-minute exercises to build self-control, good habits, and keep going when you want to give up
Mostly what God does : reflections on seeking and finding His love everywhere
Unretired : how highly effective people live happily ever after
The grift : the downward spiral of Black Republicans from the party of Lincoln to the cult of Trump
God, guns, and sedition : far-right terrorism in America
Handmade : a scientist
Literary theory for robots : how computers learned to write
Rick Steves Europe
Bucket list family travel : share the world with your kids on 50 adventures of a lifetime
Land of hope : an invitation to the great American story
Combee : Harriet Tubman, the Combahee River Raid, and black freedom during the Civil War
Supercommunicators : how to unlock the secret language of connection
Building a non-anxious life
Get married : why Americans must defy the elites, forge strong families, and save civilization
How to find a four-leaf clover : what autism can teach us about difference, connection, and belonging
Misunderstood vegetables : how to fall in love with sunchokes, rutabaga, eggplant and more
The history of the ancient world : from the earliest accounts to the fall of Rome
Living in the daze of deception
The five money personalities : speaking the same love and money language
The holy grail of investing : the worlds greatest investors reveal their ultimate strategies for financial freedom
LSAT prep plus, 2024
Fly : the big book of basketball fashion
The age of deer : trouble and kinship with our wild neighbors
American advertising cookbooks : how corporations taught us to love Spam, bananas, and Jell-O
Quick prep cooking using ingredients from Trader Joe
Dear mom and dad : a letter about family, memory, and the America we once knew
Find me the votes : a hard-charging Georgia prosecutor, a rogue president, and the plot to steal an American election
iPad for seniors in easy steps : covers all versions of iPad with iPadOS 17 (including iPad mini and iPad Pro)
The ultimate SPAM brand cookbook : 100+ quick and delicious recipes from traditional to gourmet
Practical cycling : equip, maintain and repair your bicycle
Architects of an American landscape : Henry Hobson Richardson, Frederick Law Olmsted, and the reimagining of America
Dear sister : a memoir of secrets, survival, and unbreakable bonds
Rick Steves Europe through the back door
All religions are not the same
Secure love : create a relationship that lasts a lifetime
Uncertain : the wisdom and wonder of being unsure
Tripping on utopia : Margaret Mead, the Cold War, and the troubled birth of psychedelic science
The kingdom, the power, and the glory : American evangelicals in an age of extremism
Robots and the people who love them : holding on to our humanity in an age of social robots
A vindication of the rights of woman
The two-parent privilege : how Americans stopped getting married and started falling behind
The War Below : Lithium, Copper, and the Global Battle to Power Our Lives
Innovation for the masses : how to share the benefits of the high-tech economy
Read Write Own : building the next era of the internet
The political thought of Xi Jinping
Stand up to the IRS
The voices of nature : how and why animals communicate
The hunger habit : why we eat when we
How to ADHD : an insider
Fight right : how successful couples turn conflict into connection
Nothing but the tooth : the insider
Locomotives : the modern diesel & electric reference
The 5 principles of parenting : your essential guide to raising good humans
The friction project : how smart leaders make the right things easier and the wrong things harder
Reclaim the Street : street photography
Ink & paper : a printmaker
1000 words : a writer
iPhone for seniors in easy steps : covers all iPhones with iOS 17
Digital detox : the two-week tech reset for kids
Stories for your soul : ordinary people. Extraordinary God
American Zion : a new history of Mormonism
Policing pregnant bodies : from ancient Greece to post-Roe America
Crimes of the centuries : the cases that changed us
The allure of the multiverse : extra dimensions, other worlds, and parallel universes
Charlie Chaplin and the Nazis : the long German campaign against the artist
Behind the screens : illustrated floor plans and scenes from the best TV shows of all time
How to win at chess : the ultimate guide for beginners and beyond
The Holocaust : an unfinished history
The Constitution
Random in death
Act of defiance
After the climb
An unfinished murder
Birdie and Jay
Camino ghosts
Clete : A Dave Robicheaux novel
Mind games
Only the brave : a novel
Pay dirt
Stuart Woods
The king
The mountain and the sea
The museum of lost quilts
You like it darker : stories

New Books for Kids & Teens

The North Wind & the Sun
Small-girl Toni and the quest for gold
I am a masterpiece! : an empowering story about inclusivity and growing up with Down Syndrome
Lila Greer, teacher of the year
Pepita meets bebita
If I was a horse
Love, Lah Lah
Sir Morien : the legend of a knight of the Round Table
Love from Bluey
Hippos remain calm
Star stuff
The imposter
Lawrence & Sophia
Just one more sleep : all good things come to those who wait ... and wait ... and wait
Animals go vroom!
Okra stew : a Gullah Geechee family celebration
Harlem at four
Jackie and the books she loved
Spread your wings
My little sweet boy
Save the duck!
The magical snowflake
A few beautiful minutes : experiencing a solar eclipse
The littlest yak and the new arrival
Thank a farmer
Something, someday
Noodle conquers Comfy Mountain
The concrete garden
I don
Love comes first
This book is banned
He is there
My block looks like
Eyes that weave the world
Say my name
Bent out of shape
Small places close to home : a children
Do you know them?
Eve and Adam and their very first day
Grumpy monkey spring fever
Masala chai, fast and slow
A spider named Itsy
Autumn Peltier, water warrior
The mermaid with no tail
More than words : so many ways to say what we mean
Scaredy cats
Time to make art
Threads : Zlata
I want 100 dogs
While angels watch
Proud mouse
I am stuck
Chester van Chime who forgot how to rhyme
I am my ancestors
Kitty Feral and the case of the Marshmallow Monkey
Chubby bunny
Patchwork prince
Rock stars don
My grandfather
The spark in you
How to love a grandma
Curious George
There was a party for Langston
The last slice : a Three Kings Day treat
A letter for Rob
Just like grandma
Dear boy
I am happy!
Hornbeam all in
Kozo the sparrow
Ten little rabbits
Creep, leap, crunch! : a food chain story
Down the hole
A story no one has ever heard before
Forever and always
Sometimes I cry
Gravity is bringing me down
Lost inside my head
The boo-boos of Bluebell Elementary
Every dreaming creature
Busy Betty & the circus surprise
Kiki kicks
Mighty Micah
Tea with an old giant
Bob books. Set 1 Beginning readers
Hot cat, cool cat
I help
The adventures of Din Djarin
The Third Wheel by by Jeff Kinney
The Gem Gang by by Geronimo Stilton
Rise of the Red Ninjas by Marcus Emerson
Deer Hunt by by Emily L. Hay Hinsdale
Dove Hunt by by Emily L. Hay Hinsdale
Duck Hunt by by Emily L. Hay Hinsdale
Fly Fishing by by Emily L. Hay Hinsdale
Moose Hunt by by Emily L. Hay Hinsdale
Turkey Hunt by by Emily L. Hay Hinsdale
Zombie Invasion by by Ari Avatar
The Wild Robot Protects by Words and Pictures by Peter Brown
Top Story by Kelly Yang
Which Way to Anywhere by Written and Illustrated by Cressida Cowell
The Vanderbeekers Ever After by by Karina Yan Glaser
Time of the Turtle King by by Mary Pope Osborne
Spy School Goes North by Stuart Gibbs
Sofia the Lagoon Dragon by by Maddy Mara
Contest Cat-Tastrophe by by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen
Avoiding the Allosaurus by Written by Rex Stone
Slime Doesn
The Island by Max Brooks
Bats In the Castle by Written by Kayla Whaley
Megalops by Randy Wayne White
Scariest. Book. Ever by R. L. Stine
Dogtown by Katherine Applegate and Gennifer Choldenko
The 156-Story Treehouse by Andy Griffiths
Thea Stilton and the Cave of Stars by Text by Thea Stilton
Re:Zero, starting life in another world. 7 Chapter 4: the Sanctuary and the witch of greed
Toilet-bound Hanako-kun. 19
The rising of the shield hero : a manga companion Volume 22
Ghost roast
Blue lock. 10
One-Punch Man. 27 Tornado full blast
Lunar New Year love story
Painted devils
The cruel prince
Infinity alchemist
For Lamb
Everyone wants to know
My father, the panda killer
Every time you go away
Destroy the day
One of us is lying
A drop of venom
Million dollar mess
Most ardently : a Pride & prejudice remix
Into the sunken city
All this twisted glory
The invocations
The atlas of us
Amil and the after
Anya and the dragon
Anya and the nightingale
Bianca Torre is afraid of everything
Ruthless vows : a novel
A fragile enchantment
The getaway list : a novel
Tokyo these days. 1
Binding 13
Nightshade revenge
Radio silence
Winter turning
Tag, you
Our cursed love
My fault
Your fault
Heartstopper. Volume 5
Splatoon : official game guide
In the ring
The lightning thief
The lightning thief
My hero academia. Vol. 36 Two flashfires
Spy stuff
Seven minutes in candyland
Wren Martin ruins it all
Sleepless in Dubai
To kill a shadow
unOrdinary. Volume 1
The ruined
The missing sword
Love in winter Wonderland
Gwen & Art are not in love
Just Lizzie
Clementine. Book one
What the river knows : a novel
Bittersweet in the Hollow
The crimson fortress
The way I am now
The rising of the shield hero. a manga companion Volume 21
Spy x family. Vol. 10
If you
Blue Lock. 9
Watership down : the graphic novel
Clementine. Book two
Wrath becomes her
When we become ours : a YA adoptee anthology
The blood years
The scarlet alchemist
Gorgeous gruesome faces
The Blackwoods
The godhead complex
The hunting moon
Too scared to sleep
The forest demands its due
Fox snare
Daughter of the Siren Queen
Vengeance of the pirate queen
Wish of the wicked
Night of the witch
The rosewood hunt
A study in drowning
Charming young man
The second storm
The space between here & now
All that consumes us
Loveboat forever
The portal keeper

New Movies & Music

Homicide hills. Season one
Homicide hills. Season three
Homicide hills. Season two
Miss Scarlet & the Duke. Season four
Monster high. Season one
Planet earth III : our home. our future
The walking dead, Daryl Dixon. Season 1
The Marvels
The hunger games. The ballad of songbirds & snakes
Beyond paradise. Season one
Dark cloud
Harry Wild. Series 2
McDonald & Dodds
Waitress : the musical
Doc Martin. last Christmas in Portwenn
Harry Wild. Series 1
My sailor, my love
The expanse. Season six
Flying monsters
Silent night
The Marvels
The hunger games. The ballad of songbirds & snakes
The resurrection of Gavin Stone
Far haven
The Marsh King
Condition of return
His only son
Journey to Bethlehem
The highest of stakes : the new king of crypto or billion-dollar conman?
A world outside
Magic 3
People who aren
Black rainbows
Everything I know about love
Integrated tech solutions
Now that
Nowhere to go but up
Think later
Water made us
Now that
Songs of silence
Will the circle be unbroken
Captured alive
The skies, they shift like chords..
Orange blood
The twits
Crying, laughing, waving, smiling
Queen of rock
The window
Magic 2
Pink Friday 2
Laugh track
Danse macabre
The loveliest time
Highway desperado
Zach Bryan
The land is inhospitable and so are we
A symphonic celebration : music from the Studio Ghibli films of Hayao Miyazaki
The surface
Stax Christmas
Sit down for dinner
Set it off
My world : the 3rd mini album
Along the way
SuperBlue. The iridescent spree
The name chapter : freefall