The fellowship of the ring
The bone house
A memory of light
Left behind a novel of the Earth
The third kingdom a Richard and Kahlan novel
Soul of the fire
Shades of grey a novel
Fire & blood
The mortal word
Stone of tears
Miss Subways
Prince Caspian
Sophia, princess among beasts
The regime evil advances : before they were left behind
The lost plot
The seascape tattoo
The hobbit
Breaking gods
The great hunt
A knight of the seven kingdoms
The eye of the world
Tribulation force the continuing drama of those left behind
Warheart sword of truth : the conclusion
Chapel of ease
Faith of the fallen
The invisible library
Blood of the emperor
The prisoner of Limnos : a fantasy novella in the world of the five gods
The dragon reborn
The burning page
The voyage of the Dawn Treader
Penric and the Shaman a novella in the world of the five Gods
Madness in Solidar
The measure of the magic legends of Shannara
The dragon waiting
Rex Regis
The last battle
The magician
Citadels of the lost
The silver chair
Bearers of the black staff
Angel Catbird
The horse and his boy