Gone gull
The dead ringer
The witches
For the love of Mike
Hard truth
The disappeared
Paradise Valley
Right behind you
All the flowers are dying
Back of beyond
Aunt Dimity and the wishing well
Death of a poison pen
The edge of dreams
Aunt Dimity and the buried treasure
One good deed
Turn a blind eye
Hidden in plain sight
The cat who dropped a bombshell
The purrfect murder
Winter study a novel
Busy body an Agatha Raisin mystery
What Rose forgot
Hot to trot
A date with murder
Nothing ventured
The family way
The highway
The blood of an Englishman an Agatha Raisin mystery
No nest for the wicket
Hiss and hers
Bless the bride
Boar Island
The mind readers
The Darling Dahlias and the poinsettia puzzle
As the pig turns an Agatha Raisin mystery
Wolf pack
Beating about the bush
Duck the halls
Death of a policeman
The bitterroots
Death of an honest man
13 1/2
Stork raving mad
How the finch stole Christmas!
Owls well that ends well
Dishing the dirt
Vicious circle
Death of a chimney sweep
A gambling man