Slaughterhouse-five, or, The children
Revelation space
Three miles down
The Icarus plot
Implacable Alpha
Klara and the sun
January fifteenth
Ready player one
Moscow 2042
Sea of tranquility
Atomic Anna
Sam Gunn Jr.
The Kaiju Preservation Society
Fourth quadrant
The anomaly
Leviathan falls
Reboots : undead can dance
Prime directive
The serpent
The world gives way : a novel
Infinity born
Hold fast through the fire
Double threat
Power challenges
Immunity index
The House of Styx
Rabbits : a novel
Murder by other means
The rising storm
The galaxy, and the ground within
The last watch
1637 : the peacock throne
Godzilla vs. Kong : the official movie novelization
Breath by breath
Greater good
Project Hail Mary : a novel
Fugitive telemetry