Internet Use Policy

In accordance with the Community Library’s mission, the library provides Internet access to the community via the Ohio Public Library Information Network (OPLIN).
  • As with all library materials, it is the patron, or the parent or legal guardian of minor children, who assumes responsibility for supervising access and selection of online resources through the library.
  • Patrons may access the Internet on personal devices via the library's wireless network. Library staff are not responsible for any changes made to personal hardware or software settings. The library also makes public access computers available during regular hours. Use of public access computers is limited to one-half hour unless no one is waiting.
  • The library’s Internet service may not be used for any misrepresentation or for any unlawful purposes including viewing or transmitting material that reasonably could be considered pornographic or prurient. Access to and display of obscene language and sexually explicit graphics, as defined in §2907.01 and §2907.31 of the Ohio Revised Code, are prohibited.
  • Files downloaded from the Internet may contain malicious software. The library is not responsible for damage to patrons’ hardware or loss of data that may occur from use of the library's network or computers.
  • Misuse of the Internet in the library will result in loss of Internet use for 30 days.
11-1996, r. 3-1997, r. 2-1999, r. 8-2005, r.12-2017