Public Participation

The Community Library Board of Trustees welcomes the opinions of the community and allocates time for public comments during regular board meetings. A maximum of 30 minutes of public participation will be permitted at each meeting, with each person being given a maximum of three minutes to speak. Thus, the Board will be able to fulfill the scheduled agenda effectively and efficiently.

Individuals who wish to address the Board must be physically present and register their name, address, and topic with the Director/Fiscal Officer before the meeting is called to order, so that they may be added to the agenda. Speakers must identify any groups or organizations for which they will speak in an official capacity. Those who have registered to address the Board will be recognized in the order in which they signed in.

Public participation is limited to the public comment portion of the meeting as indicated in the published agenda. Individuals addressing the Board are expected to observe a level of civility and decorum appropriate for a public meeting.