The town mouse and the country mouse : an Aesop fable
With love, Little Red Hen
Tino the Tortoise : adventures in the Grand Canyon
The town mouse and the country mouse : an Aesop fable
The dog and the shadow.
Black is brown is tan
The country mouse and the city mouse.
The dog and the bone
The crow and the pitcher
The donkey and the load of salt.
The fox and the crow
Bimwili & the Zimwi : a tale from Zanzibar
The ant and the grasshopper.
The Babe & I
Bringing the rain to Kapiti Plain : a Nandi tale
The frog and the ox.
The goose and the golden eggs
Fox tale
Sleep tight, Little Bear!
Lion lessons
My rhinoceros
Rabbit makes a monkey of lion : a Swahili tale
Two travelers and a bear.
Song and dance man
I want a dog
All of baby nose to toes
The wall in the middle of the book
Douglas, you
The mystery bear : a Purim story
Life on Mars
The town mouse and the country mouse
Ludlow laughs
Yours truly, Goldilocks
Hi, I
Why mosquitoes buzz in people
The shepherd boy and the wolf.
The tortoise and the hare.
The honest woodcutter
The fox and the crane.
The wind and the sun.
Anansi does the impossible! : an Ashanti tale
Douglas, you need glasses!
What color is my world? : the lost history of African-American inventors
The lonely lioness and the Ostrich chicks : a Masai tale
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Dear Peter Rabbit
Hilda and the mad scientist