The Phoenix king
He who drowned the world
Fourth wing
Immortal longings
The wisdom of crowds
The blade itself
Night angel nemesis
Tress of the emerald sea
Jade legacy
Jade war
The priory of the orange tree
The adventures of Amina Al-Sirafi : a novel
A day of fallen night
The scarlet circus
Daughter of the Moon Goddess : a novel
Into the West
The keeper
The keeper
Lost in the moment and found
Blood of the serpent
The fall of†N˙menor†: and other tales from the second age of Middle-Earth
Galatea : a short story
The lost metal
Legends & lattes : a novel of high fantasy and low stakes
Illuminations : stories
The golden enclaves : a novel
Daughter of darkness
Mistborn : secret history
The book eaters
The spear cuts through water