Hostile intent
The good house : a novel
End of story : a novel
The boardwalk bookshop
Everything I never told you : a novel
Good material
Forgotten war
The turtle house : a novel
The heart
The first husband
Fourteen days : a literary project of the Authors Guild of America
We must not think of ourselves : a novel
A step past darkness
The road from Belhaven
The teacher
Held : a novel
Your shadow half remains
A wild and heavenly place : a novel
One wrong word
The last days of the Midnight Ramblers
The women
Everyone who can forgive me is dead : a novel
Lone wolf
All my secrets
Maybe someday
The berry pickers
A scent of a woman
Canadian boyfriend
Hush, hush
The house of last resort : a novel
The bullet swallower : a novel
A present past : Titan and other chronicles
Hard by a great forest
Christmas proposal
Dream town
Accidentally his
The breakup tour
Witness : stories
True north : a novel
The postcard
Fragile designs : a novel
First lie wins
The other mothers : a novel
The secret hours
Like the appearance of horses
Cold victory : a novel
Sidle Creek : stories
Only the beautiful
Disruptions : stories
House gone quiet : stories
I went to see my father : a novel
The book of fire : a novel
Anna O
After the funeral and other stories
The heiress : a novel
The fury
Incident at Hawk
Wellness : a novel
The weekend retreat : a novel
An inconvenient earl
Never lie
This spells love : a novel
Anne Boleyn, a king
Katherine of Aragon, the true queen
The sword of God
Starling house
Calling on the matchmaker
Rules for visiting
The engagement party : a novel
An honest man
The leftover woman : a novel
Amazing Grace Adams
Prophet song
Just another missing person
The housemaid
Sisters under the rising sun
Let us descend : a novel
The little teashop on Main