The golden doves : a novel
The exceptions : Nancy Hopkins, MIT, and the fight for women in science
Where coyotes howl
Her deadly game
Windswept way
A novel proposal
All that we are
Rainrock reckoning
The Revengers
The house of wolves
Love and lavender
Chasing icebergs : how frozen freshwater can save the planet
The other family doctor : a veterinarian explores what animals can teach us about love, life, and mortality
Red flags
The sorority murder
The Devine Doughnut Shop
Cold light of day
The Metropolitan affair
The woman who killed Marvin Hammel
Dark is the night
Beyond that, the sea
You are my sunshine : a story of love, promises, and a really long bike ride
Waxing on : the Karate Kid and me
The crane husband
The world played chess
The bullet garden
Son of man : retelling the stories of Jesus
Signal fires
The Florence legacy
The Mitford secret
Desperate ride