Braiding Sweetgrass for Young Adults by Robin Wall Kimmerer
The Me You See by Jill Williamson
Chasing the Spotlight by Sarah Anne Sumpolec
Komi Can't Communicate by Story and Art by Tomohito Oda
Komi Can't Communicate by Tomohito Oda
A Bride's Story by Kaoru Mori
Bomb by Written by Steve Sheinkin
Seen and Unseen by Elizabeth Partridge, Lauren Tamaki
What Happened to Rachel Riley? by Claire Swinarski
Unseelie by IVelisse Housman
Unbreakable: the Spies Who Cracked the Nazis' Secret Code by Rebecca E. F. Barone
She's Gone by David Bell
Real, Not Perfect by Stephanie Coleman
One Last Shot by Kip Wilson
The Love Match by Priyanka Taslim
The Lost Year by Katherine Marsh
The Glass Witch by Lindsay Puckett
Figure It Out, Henri Weldon by Tanita S. Davis
The Wicked Ones by Robin Benway
You Must Remember This by Kat Rosenfield
A Winter Grave by Peter May
What Lies In the Woods by Kate Alice Marshall
If You Forget Everything Else Remember This by Katharine Hill
Fodor's 2023 Essential Spain by Writers, Benjamin Kemper, Megan Francis Lloyd, Elizabeth Prosser, Joanna Styles
Waco by Jeff Guinn
Superabundance by Marian L. Tupy and Gale L. Pooley
Sundressed by Lucianne Tonti
Pegasus by Laurent Richard and Sandrine Rigaud
Queens and Prophets by Emran Iqbal El-Badawi
The Secret Language of Flowers by Liz Dobbs
The Siege of Loyalty House by Jessie Childs
Seizures and Epilepsy In Children by Eileen P. G. VIning, MD, Sarah C. Doerrer, Ms, Cpnp, Christa W. Habela, MD, PhD, Adam L. Hartman, MD, Sarah A. Kelley, MD, Eric H. Kossoff, MD, Cynthia F. Salorio, PhD, Samata Singhi, MD, Msc, Carl E. Stafstrom, MD, PhD
How to Talk to Your Kids About Pornography by Dina Alexander, Ms
One At A Time by Kyle Idleman
The VIlla by Rachel Hawkins
This Other Eden by Paul Harding
Sweeter Than Chocolate by Lizzie Shane
All Things New by Pam Hanson & Barbara Andrews
Friends and Family by Susan Page Davis
The Shards by Bret Easton Ellis
Something Old, Something New by Amy Clipston
One by Jamie Oliver
The Glaucoma Guidebook by Constance Okeke, MD, Msce
Jellyfish Age Backwards by Nicklas Brendborg
Koala by Danielle Clode
On Savage Shores by Caroline Dodds Pennock
How Medicine Works and When It Doesn't by F. Perry Wilson, MD