Maya and the Beast by Written by Maya Gabeira
Mary Had A Little Plan by by Tammi Sauer
Magnolia Flower by by Zora Neale Hurston
Magic by Mirelle Ortega
Lunch From Home by Words by Joshua David Stein
Little Blue Truck Makes A Friend by Alice Schertle
Leo + Lea by by Monica Wesolowska
I'M So Glad You Were Born by by Ainsley Earhardt
I Have A Superpower by Stephen Curry
I Feel Safe by David McPhail
I Am Me by by Susan Verde
Hey, Bruce! by Ryan T. Higgins
Gold! by David Shannon
Fair Is Fair by Mike Berenstain
Friends by Daniela Sosa
Forever Home by Henry Cole
Finding Fire by Logan S. Kline
Farmhouse by Sophie Blackall
Disappearing Mr. Jacques by Written by Gideon Sterer
As Cool As It Gets by Written by Jory John
Bravo, Bucket Head! by Helen Lester
The Boy Who Loved Maps by by Kari Allen
Black-Eyed Peas and Hoghead Cheese by by Glenda Armand
Loud Mouse by by Cara Mentzel and Idina Menzel
A Library by Nikki Giovanni
If You Laugh, I'M Starting This Book Over by Written by Chris Harris
Granny and Bean by Karen Hesse
The Pigeon Will Ride the Roller Coaster! by Words and Pictures by Mo Willems
The Big Worry Day by by K. A. Reynolds
The Adventures of Qai Qai by Serena Williams