In A Blink by Written by Kiki Thorpe
Free Throw by by Jake Maddox
Brawl of the Wild by Written and Illustrated by Dav Pilkey As George Beard and Harold Hutchins
Can You Discover the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine? by Thomas Kingsley Troupe
Can You Spot Blackbeard's Treasure? by by Thomas Kingsley Troupe
Can You Uncover the Oak Island Money Pit? by by Matthew K. Manning
Pronghorn Hunt On the Prairie by by Thomas Kingsley Troupe
First Bear Hunt by by Matt Chandler
Catfish Noodling Courage by by Matt Chandler
The Big Muskie by by Thomas Kingsley Troupe
Last Gamer Standing by by Jake Maddox
Gearhead Goal Maker by by Jake Maddox
Stupendously Samson by by Kiki Thorpe
Fearlessly Philippe by by Kiki Thorpe
The Fifth Dungeon by by Jake Maddox
Builder Battle by by Jake Maddox
The Ghostly Photos by Margaret Peterson Haddix
The Improbable Tales of Bakersville Hall by by Ali Standish
Jingle Bells by Catherine Hapka
Stuntboy, In-Between Time by by Jason Reynolds
Night of the Ninjas by Adapted by Jenny Laird
Zeus by W. Bruce Cameron
The Spirit Glass by Roshani Chokshi
Magically Maximus by by Kiki Thorpe
Amazingly Angus by by Kiki Thorpe
The Super Secret Octagon Valley Society by Melissa de La Cruz
Big Nate by by Lincoln Peirce
Riverstar's Home by Erin Hunter
Stinetinglers 2 by R. L. Stine
Secret Sisters by Avi