Clara Barton by Christine O'Hare
Thomas Edison by by Greg Linder
Amy Coney Barrett by Joyce Claiborne-West
Escape From Balloonia by by Dan & Jason
Coyote Vs. Dingo by by Jerry Pallotta
Polar Bear by Candace Fleming
Ronald Reagan by Christine O'Hare
Thomas Sowell by Sean B. Dickson
John Wayne by Sean B. Dickson
Douglas Macarthur by by Sean B. Dickson
Rush Limbaugh and the First Amendment by by Sean B. Dickson
Minecraft by Written by Stephanie Milton With Help From Paul Soares Jr. , Fyreuk, and Cnb Minecraft
Minecraft by Written by Matthew Needler and Phil Southam
Minecraft by Written by Nick Farwell
Rock Out! by Stephen Shaskan
Cincinnati Reds All-Time Greats by by Ted Coleman
New Zealand by by Alicia Z. Klepeis
The Loud House by Jeff Whitman, Comics Editor
Who Was Alex Trebek? by by Pam Pollack and Meg Belviso
The Sisters by Story by Cazanove & William
Miles Morales by Written by Justin A. Reynolds
Pokémon Sword & Shield by Story by Hidenori Kusaka
The Greatest In the World by Ben Clanton
The End of All Things by by Pat + Jen From Popularmmos
Aston Martin Valhalla by by Nathan Sommer
Chevrolet Corvette Stingray by by Nathan Sommer
McLaren 720s by by Thomas K. Adamson
Porsche Taycan by by Thomas K. Adamson
The Adventures of Team Pom by Isabel Roxas
Guinness World Records 2023 by Includes Index